Building an ADU in LA / Accessory dwelling Unit in Los Angeles

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Looking for Space that can get you rental income or more living space for your family?

Several questions occur when you are looking for extra rental income or need extra space for your family living as it can be done or is possible with Accessory Dwelling unit that you can build at your residential or agriculture zoned property.

Where can you get your ADU?

ADU is a dwelling unit which contains full kitchen and bathroom can be used as primary or any main family residence. It is most popular for renting but can’t be sold separately. As there are new county laws which took affect on January 1, 2017 and have created opportunities to get ADU in LA within their residential or agriculture property.


What are Key Points to know before getting ADU?

As per County rules no ADU is allowed in Hillside areas or between the front of the primary residence and the street. They have strict rules to allow Accessory Dwelling Units in LA within the zones that allow residential uses with an existing single-family residence. If you are looking for more lots then its only be available one per lot. You must follow all the guidelines that meet underlying zoning, floor area and land use regulations so that won’t get any further issues. City of Los Angles Accessory Dwelling Unit allows to create ADU within limited size of 50% of primary residence as it can’t be more than this under any circumstances and has to be between 640 Sqft and 1200 Sp ft.Parking can be or can’t be considered in ADU as it can be eliminated and can’t be required under some conditions as it depends. And the most important you need approval to get an ADU in LA.

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